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Ameristar HVAC, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, offers flexible and affordable heating and cooling options for today’s budget-conscious consumers. The Ameristar line, including air conditioners, heat pumps, coils, air handlers, furnaces and packaged units, is ideally suited for price sensitive replacement and new construction projects. Quality construction, solid performance and backed by Ingersoll Rand, Ameristar systems will deliver real value for years to come. Starter homes, vacation homes, single family and multifamily investment properties…whatever the application need, the Ameristar goal is to provide dependable and affordable systems that will deliver the comfort your customers deserve at the price they can afford.

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Testimonials From Satisfied Ameristar Customers

If I put an Ameristar condenser up against my other brand, the Ameristar wins every time because it's cheaper and there is no discernible difference in quality or performance to the customer.
m.k. of Freeman, SD
Ameristar gives me the ability to offer a more cost effective system for persons with limited income and customers with rental properties.
p.a. of Lunchburg, VA
Excited for the new furnace, just picked up the first one yesterday. Rental property owners, just price shoppers, owners replacing to be able to complete the sale of the home. i still have to put my name, company and reputations on the line so it still has to be a great product.
d.d. of Minneapolis, MN

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